Conduct, Bylaws, and Incidence Report

It is CARVR's priority to create a healthy and inclusive environment for learning and growth for all members. We want to make sure that, by being transparent, fair, pro-active, and prepared, all of our members, executives, clients and extended community feel safe within CARVR physically, emotionaly, and psychologically.

Send An Anonymous Message To CARVR Exec Board

If at any point you are involved in or witness a situation which feels wrong or uncomfortable, please speak up and reach out to the executive members through this anonymous google form. Please be aware that, no matter how trivial the incident might seem, you coming forward would be a tremendous help for us to prevent protential future incidents and establish a safe environment.

Report An Incident To CARVR Faculty Advisor

If you have any concerns regarding a leadership member, please contact either our faculty advisor (Jeff Terrell) directly. He will evaluate the message and re-direct it accordingly, either to the right leadership member or the EOC Office, or both.

Report An Incident To Equal Opporunity and Compliance Office

If you have witnessed or went through a discrimination/harassment incident, whether it is related or unrelated to CARVR, and that the incident needs immediate attention from the University, please contact UNC EOC Office.